5 Style Tips For Every Girl

Fashion is not merely about clothes, it’s how you carry those clothes and the confidence it brings along with it. And, we’re going to help you make things a little easier with these 5 tips that every girl should know.

Showing Skin

How much skin is too much? We do need to leave something to the imagination, don’t we? Keep in mind, when showing skin, choose one body part and show it off. A maxi one-shoulder dress is the perfect example of this style trend.

Big on colour

Most of us love a basic black bag or shoe that teams well with almost anything. But here’s what you didn’t know, a bright accessory can be just as complementary to any outfit in your closet. Match colours in your outfits or with other accessories like a necklace or ring.

Quintessential Scarf

Don’t leave home without this fabulous accessory. A scarf can transform a simple tee or can brighten up your handbag.

The Petite Sling Bag

Whether it’s a cocktail party, a movie or a night out a petite sling bag is a great accessory for practical and fashionable reasons.

Nude Pumps

Every girls closet must possess a nude pump. The key to getting this trend right is to match the pump with your skin tone. This makes your legs look longer and slimmer.

Tee Origins


The classic, timeless and always comfy Tee is a style staple in every wardrobe – young or old.

Did you ever wonder how this awesome piece of clothing came into existence? Well, it all comes down to evolution!

The T-shirt evolved from undergarments used in the 19th century. Yes, that’s right, underwear! It was made by cutting the one-piece “union suit” underwear into separate top and bottom garments, with the top long enough to tuck under the waistband of the bottoms.

These t-shirts, were adopted by miners and dockers during the late 19th century as it was the most convenient choice for working in such hot environments.

Following World War II, the t shirt gained popularity among veterans who wore their uniform trousers with t-shirts as casual clothing.

In the 1950s the T shirt gained even more popularity after Marlon Brando wore one in A Streetcar Named Desire. With this, the t shirt finally won the status of a fashionable, stand-alone, outer-wear garment. And, aren’t we glad this trend stuck around?

Today, the t-shirt is the most comfortable piece of clothing and can be worn anywhere, anyhow and by anyone. It’s also an expression of our personality and style.

Top 10 Fashion Favourites, Ever!

Over the years we’ve witnessed the millions of trends, trends that revolutionized fashion and trends that made you wonder, “Why?” Today, we take a look back down memory lane at some of fashions top trends.

Top 10 Fashion Favourites:

# 1 - The Little Black Dress

No woman’s wardrobe is complete without the quintessential little black dress. Made famous by Audrey Hepburn in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s in 1961, this versatile dress looks great at any occasion, be it a wedding, a date or simply a night out in town.

# 2 - The Pencil Skirt

This skirt can transform you in an instant; sexy, smart, classy, slim, it’s got all the right qualities to flatter you. This trend dates back decades and is still very much in style even today. There are much more variations in length, colour, fabric, etc. but the essence stays true.

# 3 - Stiletto Pumps

Stiletto heels definitely need some training but trust us it’s worth the pain. Apart from making you look like a total hottie this timeless classic has a slimming effect on your legs and can be paired with dresses and pants.

# 4 - Leather Jacket

The leather jacket isn’t for motorcycle riders any more. This iconic jacket made its way to the fashion front way back in the 50’s. Today, this jacket worn by both men and women can be found in diverse styles and need not be black or brown, you can get them in almost any colour.

# 5 - Jeans

Originally designed for miners, denims made their way into the fashion forefront and held its rightful place. It’s the most stylish, comfortable and durable piece of clothing ever invented.

# 6 - Flat Boots

Another fashion trend that’s versatile, stylish and super comfy. You can have them at any length and they still look stylish. And, don’t let the Mumbai weather banish boots from your style, pair them with dresses and skirts or sheer leggings.

# 7 - Statement Necklace

It’s an instant fix up for a dull or boring outfit. Find a necklace that speaks for your personality, be bold and try out captivating pieces that enhance your outfits.

# 8 - Over Sized Sunglasses

Made popular by Jackie Kennedy, over sized sunglasses always add glamour to your everyday outfits. In a tropical country like ours we don’t need summer to don this classic trend.

# 9 - Wide Leg Pants

Casual or formal, the wide leg trouser is comfortable and extremely elegant. You can pair these trousers with jackets, vests or if you like it casual, with tees and tops.

# 10 - The Basic White Tee

Man or woman, the basic white tee is a staple in every closet. This simple tee can dress up or dress down any outfit, and the variations are limitless!

Patriotic Style


Proud to be Indian? Flaunt your patriotism by adorning yourself in the colours of our great nation.

Here’s three ways to express your patriotic side in style.

Style # 1

A classic favourite for most of us is ‘white’. White stands for purity and tradition. Team your all white outfit with splashes of saffron, green and blue, complete this look with a pair of Kolhapuri sandals.

Style # 2

Coloured denims are all the rage right now, so how about saffron pants with a white top and to complete the patriotic ensemble subtle hints of green in your accessories?

Style # 3

If your personality is more, ‘Young India’ then we suggest a pair of denims along with an India themed tee for a day of patriotism.

Fashion First Aid Kit

Have you ever experienced a fashion crisis that left you thinking, “ugh, if only I had carried….”

Whether it’s a wedding, a night out or a date, when you find yourself in a fashion crisis, it’s best to be prepared. Here’s a little first aid kit to help you in a fashion emergencies.

Safety Pin

The multi-utility life saver is just what every girl needs. It can mend a broken strap, close a zip and hold together a broken necklace.

Band Aids

It’s always handy to carry a band-aid in case of cuts or scratches and blisters, especially if you’re wearing brand new shoes.

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are good to carry everywhere, its hygienic and keeps your skin feeling fresh.

Fresh Mints

After all those starters your breath may tend to smell a little, but popping a mint will leave you feeling fresh and won’t put off other people from talking to you.


All that dancing and club hopping can break out a sweat. A great perfume will leave you smelling like a summer breeze all evening. But caution yourself, too much perfume can be overwhelming to some.

Torch Keyring

Compact and convenient a torch key chain will help you find your essentials and light up dark pathways preventing any accidents.

Next time you’re out don’t forget your fashion first aid kit. Happy partying!

Business Basics

The corporate world beckons seamless hems, neat tucks and minimalist style; and all that can be achieved without it being a bore.

The key to power dressing is to keep it simple and sophisticated. The monochrome palette is a staple in every business wardrobe. A few pops of colour, now and then will only help you leave an impression.


Vibrant socks are a great way to add colour to the otherwise mundane attire. It’s also important to be brave and experiment with different prints and styles when it comes to corporate fashion. Pinstripes and checks in blues, greys and earthy shades work well with a vibrant tie and cuff links. A trend that’s on a fast track is pocket squares.


When choosing trousers pick a long wide leg or tapered and cut off at ankles. Dresses and skirts look great when paired with contrasting cardigans and tailored blazers. Accessorize with minimal jewellery and comfortable pumps. Don’t forget to add some colour.

Bollywood’s Best Dressed In a Tee!

Simple, comfortable and always in style – the t shirt is something that none of us can do without. And, just like us, celebrities also need to take a break from the glamour and glitz of Bollywood.

Today, we look at Bollywood’s best dressed stars in their most comfortable clothing – the t shirt.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

The symbol of Indian elegance, Aishwarya can certainly look stunning in Haute Couture but she also looks awesome in a simple tee and jeans.

Deepika Padukone

Padukone is the one of the most stylish actresses of young Bollywood. She can make wearing a simple tee look super chic.

Shahrukh Khan

His name is synonymous to Indian Cinema across the globe. He’s always been the icon of style no matter what he wears, from traditional Indian attire to a classic tee and jeans…

Imran Khan

The Mc Dreamy of Bollywood, Imran has won hearts across age limits, from teenage girls to grandmas… He’s as handsome in a tux as he is in a tee…

Ranbir Kapoor

Following his legacy in Bollywood, Ranbir too has melted quite a few hearts with his performance and charm. Here is he looking Tee-tastic as always!

Bollywood’s Most Iconic Fashion Statements

Fashion and film have always shared a bond that links fairytale with reality. Whether its the illusion of Prince Charming or a happily ever after, we can always count on the fashion influences to withstand the test of time.

Here’s looking at a few of Bollywood’s most iconic fashion trends…

The Anarkali:

This style of traditional attire was made famous by Madubala in the filmMughal-E-Azam. This epic movie created an impact that influences fashion till today with empire cut kurtis still very much in vogue. Be it a simple design or embellished to the tee; the Anarkali transforms any woman into the epitome of glamour.

The Bikini:

The bikini has been a debatable topic in Indian culture, but thanks to Ms. Tagore’s famous two piece scene in An Evening in Paris, the bikini depicted the coming of the modern independent woman.

The Sadhana:

She not only brought about a fashion rage with her signature fringe but her the tight fitted kurtas and churidars also had women cued up to get the Sadhana Look. She executed this snug fit style with the utmost grace and elegance which has been an inspiration for future fashions.

The Hippie Chic:

Where would we be without the relaxed hippie style? The over sized sunglasses, rudraksh beads around neck and floral prints were made popular by Zeenat Aman in the movie Hare Rama Hare Krishna. She brought the fabulous hippie chic look to Indian culture.

The Knotted Shirt:

Another bold move - showing off her bare midriff with the knotted shirt and mini shirt, Dimple Kapadia created a wave of new age style. This trend has made a comeback on the fashion circuit, with different variations.

The Jewel Adorned Saree:

Madhuri Dixit created a fashion frenzy when she donned the glamorous purple satin saree encrusted with crystals in the film Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. Every woman wanted that saree which lead to thousands of knock-offs across the country.

The Sexy Saree:

Yes, you read right! Being a traditional outfit the saree has been a symbol of grace and elegance. But, leave it to Sushmita Sen to turn this classic style to something sexy with the hot teacher look (her black and red polka dot saree in the film Main Hoon Na). Now, maybe if we had a teacher like that we’d do better at school. ;)

Haute Couture:

The film Aisha brought couture into Indian cinema; this has defined they way we dress today. Thanks to the justice done by Sonam Kapoor, people are now more aware that the right styling and the right confidence is all it takes to look fabulous.

The Classic Mandarin Shirt

The Mandarin collar shirt is a classic piece of clothing that never seems to go out of fashion. The simplicity in its construction and the sophisticated look is what’s made it a fashion classic.

This shirt is the perfect pick for any occasion, if it’s class and elegance that you’re looking for, a mandarin collar shirt will work wonders – undoubtedly!

This Oriental style is easy to pull off but the grace that goes along with it – that’s all up to you!


Team a Mandarin collar shirt with dark denims and leather boots for a smart casual look.


Any man would look amazing with a mandarin shirt and a well tailored jacket or 3 piece suit. Add a pocket square for a suave and debonair look.

Get The Look: Wolverine

Superheroes seem to command the big screen these days, from Superman and Batman to Iron man

and now Wolverine is about to hit the box office.

Although, they save numerous lives from the wrath of super villains they don’t forget to look their best while doing so.

Here’s how you can get the look.

Team a pair of worn in jeans with a basic white t shirt or sleeveless under-shirt. Add a classic denim jacket and a pair of brown ankle boots and your good to go!

Get all you need to achieve this look a Zovi.